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Relief.... finally

It's a beautiful day out today. The apple trees are in bloom. It looks so beautiful in the park up the street. The leaves are coming out on the trees too and the weather is warm and sunny for a change.

I'm feeling a little bit better about the new department today. It looks like the scheduling won't be too bad and I'll probably still get two days off in a row every now and then. Even if they aren't on the actual weekend it will still be cool. The one problem that's still outstanding is my vacation time. I'd booked it when I was still in sales and I'm getting a bit of pushback about it now. I was told originally that it shouldn't be a problem so it better not be... of course it's got me a bit worried. I will fight for it but I'd rather not have to. That's probably the biggest cause of stress for me right now.

So far today my head isn't bother me. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make it through the day pain free, or at least with as little pain as possible. I'm trying to stay relaxed and work was pretty low key today, so I'm doing okay so far. I'm probably going to head up to the roof and sit on the patio for a bit later this evening. I should spend some of this beautiful day outside soaking it up and enjoying it. But for now... more vegging in front of the computer!


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