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Yesterday and stuff from earlier in the week...

I went to a Beltane ritual put on by Hazel, Eumelos & Beith's group. It was a celtic ritual with the focus on Aengus. I got to wear the new robe I'd purchased a little while back for the first time. The ritual was quite a bit different from other celtic rituals that I've participated in. The visual aspects were quite nice especially the way the altar was decorated. There was also more music than there has been in past ritual but I think my favourite part was when the singing was mixed with spoken word. Unfortunately my thought were so mired in what's been going on in my life recently that I found it hard to get myself into it. Although I had a nice time and was truly glad that I went, I was unable to get much out of it, which is really unfortunate because it really was a nice ritual.

Earlier in the week, as some of you already know, I went to Stratford with the loverly Lady Dee and yet another one of the crew from PEI who'd come to Toronto for a few days. It was one of those last second spur of the moment things. So Peter and I went and picked up the car that he'd rented and headed to pick up Dee... We dropped Peter off at the theatre in Stratford as he was there to see a play and Dee and I took off to meet up with my father for lunch. We had a nice lunch where I told him about the new joy that had come into my life in the form of a certain Huinatnaaq and also about the various recent changes in my life as far as school updates and new work. He was quite funny when he heard my news and had some snarky remarks. That's where I get it from folks! Overall I'm pretty sure he's happy for me, but I am his baby girl (still only four years old) so he has to look out for me. I also sent him the link to Huinatnaaq's website to which he responded: "Yes, thanks for the website. I will be checking it out in great detail!" Made me laugh out loud!!

In any case... after lunch Dee and I did a little bit of window shopping then headed down to the water to see the swans, then to collect Peter as the play was just about to finish.  Then the three of us headed back to the water and fed the swans.  We fed them dandelions which are supposed to be good for them and they seemed to like them quite a bit.  I got a few really neat pictures that I have to transfer from my camera to the computer at some point too.  It was a good time.  My favourites were the black swans.  I find they look really neat.  After swan feeding we grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back towards the big city.  On the way home we stopped in to Dee's place to pee and chat for a bit with her parents.  Dee's dad pulled out his swords to show Peter which was cool and Fallchild showed Peter his sword too.  They're good people.  :)  Glad that I've been lucky enough to get to know them.

On Wednesday Dee, Hazel and Peter headed out for a day in the city together.  They had a really nice time collecting mossy frogs and going to the top of a very tall free standing structure.  I met up with them after work and the whole gang went out for a nice little supper.  Unfortunately, I've been plagued with migraines/headaches quite a bit lately so wasn't completely myself.  I did have a good time though and I think it was great having the whole gang of us out.  There was only one person missing... but I know he was there in mind if not in body.

So far I've been doing pretty well with the diet and exercise.  I'm not being a complete hard ass about it, but I'm definitely being more conscious of the choices I'm making, especially when it comes to food choices.  I know that eating better will be better for me in the long run...but that's really a no brainer.

I sat down with the intention of painting this morning but just couldn't seem to get anything to flow.  There's no point in forcing it either.  If it's not there, it's not there. 

Last but not least... I'm looking very much forward to my mini-getaway to Winnipeg in two weeks.  It will be nice to visit a new place with someone special.


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