Goth face


So today was my last day in the sales department. I can't help but worry that I've made a mistake... but with any change it's always a bit scary at first. The thing I think I'll miss the most is having my own desk. I'm trying not to get too worried about it because at least it's a change and for the next three weeks I'll pretty much just be training so that shouldn't be too stressful. I'm hoping for the best... I've already moved all my stuff over and got a good-bye card and a lucky bamboo from my old co-workers. I think I'm going to miss them the most. Many of us have been together for several years.

In other news... someone very special finally got a little package I sent them. Thankfully it was appreciated and made them happy....despite the death threats that I received upon arriving home from work. ;)

So I'm happy and sad all at the same time today! GO ME!! LoL What a mess I can be sometimes!! Just got to try not to worry about the new job...

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Things will work out. *hugs* All will be well.

Get settled in, and be yourself. I'll be rooting for ya!
The Package
Happy is not the word to be used here. Perhaps touched, and very flattered...*ahem* I mean I am sure your "friend" was very pleased with such a nice gesture.

On another note: There is always fear in going into the unkown. We can only hope to shine and do our best. That I am sure is what will happen.