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Today was a bit of a rough day for me. It started out ok. I found out on Wednesday that I got the job in the other department that I'd be hoping for and I'd been really happy about it until today. I talked to some of the people that had worked in that department before and they pretty much told me that it's not going to be as easy or as flexible as I'd been led to believe. *sigh* I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case, but it was still disappointing to hear. I was so upset about it for most of the day that I almost wanted to cry...but I didn't. I just sat there wondering if I'd made a big mistake. I got home feeling absolutely exhausted and had to lie down for a bit...but not before noticing that it was a really nice day. As I came up out of the subway I noticed that it smelled wonderful. It smelled like buds and blossoms and I knew that spring was truly here.

So I chatted with my friends for a bit and slept for a bit... even read for a bit. Started feeling kind of good about myself because I'd also eaten well today. Then I turned on the TV and saw that it was 17 degrees outside. I thought that I should go out for a walk then decided to keep reading instead... a little while later I changed my mind when I saw the temperature had actually risen a degree to 18. So I put on my runners, grabbed my minidisc player and headed out. I was out walking for just under an hour and am really glad I did it. Not only is it a beautiful night but it gave me time to think about the crap that's been happening in my life lately...and the good stuff. I was reminded of some of the good stuff when I walked by one house with an inukshuk on the front lawn and thought of how much I'd like to share these little experiences. The walking also relieved some of the stress from my day. I no longer feel bad about my decision to switch departments and think that it will work out for the best in the end. I'm nervous and scared because it's new, but no longer upset that I made the wrong choice.

I also found out that there's a little track at the school just down the street from my apartment. I usually prefer going for walks down the smaller streets so I can enjoy all the beautiful houses, but I figured if I ever wanted to just go for a quick jog around the track there's one good and close.

One thing that I did think of as I was walking was UP YOURS DOCTOR!!! Let's see what you think when you see me again in 3 weeks!! I'm back to eating properly and adding in some excercise so LOOK THE F*CK OUT!!

You know... I've been wearing my running shoes everywhere for the past couple of weeks. I have a pair of dress shoes that I keep at work so I can go for walks in my runners if I feel like it and I wonder if that hasn't helped get me in the right frame of mind. I hope so and I really want to keep this feeling. I'm also planning on going out and picking up a nice pair of track pants or joggers to wear... something other than jeans.

So in the end, it turns into a good day. I read a book today that couldn't have been any more fitting called fish. It's a book about boosting morale and one thing that really sticks out for me is this:
Choose your attitude!
I'm going to try and do just that. It won't be easy but I think it will really help me feel good about myself and my life.


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