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Crunch time

I had a really nice Beltaine yesterday. Spent the day with Hazel picking up various items for the festivities and some items that I hadn't planned on getting. Overall though, it was good. Came home, threw the chicken we'd picked up into the oven and started chilling with Eumelos too. Hazel and I made scrying mirrors, which ended up taking some considerable effort on my part. My paint just would NOT adhere to my piece of glass but eventually I got it done. Then we feasted on chicken and ham and somewhat undercooked but still yummy veggies. Next time the veggies will have to go in a bit sooner! It was really tastey all in all. We also had a nice candle shrine going to represent our Beltaine fire. The candles had all been lit from the Beltaine fire of Hazel and Eumelos's coven. We also watched a few more Babylon 5 episodes, which was cool. I love Bab5! Then E did a couple of readings for us. Unfortunately it appears that the cards that were coming up were actually for him.

Yesterday I also got some cleaning done. Not a lot, but I got my desk cleared off a bit. I still have tons of stuff I could do, but today I have to focus on the studying. My exam is tomorrow night, which leaves me only today and tomorrow to study. I think I'm going to actually put myself on timer to make sure a get a few good solid hours of work done.

I'm really happy to see how well things are shaping up for my dear friend Dee. She deserves it and I love seeing her this happy. **HUGS for YOU Dee**

Also nice to see that Hazel's been having some really neat experiences as of late too. It's really awesome when you have a really profound experience that you can keep with you forever.

Finally... Huinatnaaq. Who brings so much joy and happiness into my life. I'm happy to see you finally allow some happiness into your own life.

...and now.... to the study room!


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