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One down

I wrote my exam this morning for my Anthropology class. Don't think I did as well as I might have liked, but shouldn't have done too badly. Now I just have one more to go and I'm officially done the fall/winter term! I've already chosen my summer course too. I'm going to be taking a course on Buddhist Tradition. There were a few different courses that interested me, but I think this is probably the one I'll enjoy the most.

I'm glad I took the whole day off work today too. It's nice to just be able to relax for the day. I even got some of my chores done! Yay me!!

But by far, the BEST thing about today happened when someone buzzed at the door. Turns out someone very special sent me some absolutely gorgeous flowers!! *grin* They're Oriental Pink Lilies. My whole room smells like beautiful lilies now! Not to mention they're gorgeous! I don't know what I've done to deserve having someone so wonderful and special in my life, but I'm grateful that I do. Thank you for everything... especially for just being YOU!

Off to play my guitar and revel in my new found happiness.


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