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That's right folks..say it with me now - CUNT! I must say that the word "cunt" is probably my favourite word in the English language. I don't know why, I just know that I've loved the sound of it for as long as I've known what it means. Just the sound of it... so hard and strong and powerful! So, needless to say, I was thrilled when my friend Hazel walked over to me when we were in Indigo the other day with a book titled "CUNT" by Inga Muscio. I knew that I was going to buy it. I had to just on principle and I have to say it's one of the best things I've ever done. Although I find some of Inga's ideas don't quite align with mine (specifically much of the "we're being oppressed by men" things), it's a very good read for any woman who'd like to know herself (and her cunt) better. Of course it helps that Inga is a Goddess loving lesbian, so I find it very easy to relate to her.

**Warning** if you don't want to hear about my periods don't read any further! ;)

There's one section in this book that's really got me thinking though (and I'm not even half way through it!). It's about birth control and menstruation. A few years ago I considered (briefly) going off the pill. At the time I was in a hetero relationship and wasn't willing to rely on just a condom. Besides, before the pill, my periods were irregular and painful. In any case, Inga raises a good argument for it... and now that I'm not in a hetero relationship (nor do I plan to be in one any time soon) I'm finding the reason for me to stay on the pill is simply to regulate my periods...and is it worth messing with the natural rythm of my body to accomplish this? I'm starting to think it isn't... so I'm thinking I'm going to stop taking the pill and start getting in tune with my body, tracking my cycle and watching the moon (seeing as the moon is most often linked with women's cycles).

In any case, I'm wondering if anyone else has been on the pill and then stopped taking it... and if they can give me any feedback, because I'm just not really sure if I should go for it.
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Oh yeah...

You might find they are more regular for having been on it for a length of time.

I failed miserably at the pill, I have a bad memory, so it screwed me up (with my help) far worse that necessary.

By the way, I have four kids - hehe.

So, I say you'll feel better if you stop taking it. If you have no plans on a het relationship, then it really doesn't matter much - that's very true.

Artificial hormones are very bad for you.

Good luck, I always felt much better when I wasn't taking it.
Yeah, I have a feeling it's probably screwing me up a bit too. I was looking at some of the side effects that you can get from taking the pill and noticed that I have a few of them (weight gain, migraines - did have bad headaches before the pill too, but they last longer for me now and are timed exactly with my period - loss of sex drive).

Thanks for the feedback, I was curious to see if the changes were truly noticable if you go off it. Seems like they are! I have enough problems without adding more by artificially manipulating my hormones.

If I'm lucky maybe I'll lose some of the weight I gained since starting the pill! Ok... maybe not.

You probably will lose weight. Not necessarily a lot, but count on about five pounds anyway. It's the way the hormones work.

Yes, there is a definite difference. I had not only loss of sex drive, but a loss of drive somewhat too. You might find you have more energy all around once you go off of it.

My periods were always very regular so I used it only for birth control, so I'm not positive that yours won't go back to being irregular - but I've heard from friends that having been on the pill (then stopped) helped them to become more regular afterward.
At this point I'm thinking that the irregularity is an ok trade-off for the rest of the benefits. I've suffered from lack of energy/drive too and frequent episodes of spacing out. I'm now wondering if that doesn't have something to do with it too.

It's funny, I'm almost excited with the thought of going off it... Just have to make sure I always have some supplies when I'm out just in case it does stay irregular.

I'm also thinking just the mental effect of being "free" of the pill will be good for me. I will be a more 'natural' me, for lack of a better word, and that really appeals to me.