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I bought a couple of Egyptian statues yesterday on my trip to the Occult Shop with Hazel and Eumelos. There has been some debate over who one of the statues is actually depicting... so far half the websites say Horus, the little card that comes with the statue says Ra (I found out recently, as mine didn't have such a card) and my roomies believes it's actually Khons. Now this particular manufacturer makes a khons statue as well and it looks quite a bit different but with the same head-dress. So I spent a good 3 hours running around the city to try and find a REAL Horus statue. I'm looking for a particular one and no one seems to be carrying it right now. I'm sure I saw one when I was in Hamilton with Asmallplight, but it's not very easy for me to get back there. *sigh* I can get one of the local shops here to order in the one I've been able to find online, but it's kind of pricey... so I'm going to have to think on it some more. So, after going to several different shops, I came home empty handed. I'm going to take a pop over to the ROM before my class on Wednesday to see if they have anything there, seeing as they're currently running their big Egyptian Exhibit...only problem is, the ROM shop tends to be really expensive! We'll see!

I'm quite tired now...after all that running aroud... but at least I got my excercise in for the day!

In other news, I'm really looking forward to Huinatnaaq's visit. He'll be here in 3 days and I have a feeling it's going to be a jam packed week of fun!! :D Can't wait!!


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