Goth face


Seems I've developped a really bad headache. Thankfully not a migraine but still pretty painful. My asthma's also been bothering me today. Of course I think the headache is the result of too much gamecube playing, but it was worth it. I finally beat one of my games! Zelda is the first one to be conquered! Yay for me! That means I only have two more games to beat! I really need to pick up a mindless racing game or something that I can just play for the heck of it without any kind of storyline.

Haven't gotten anymore work done on my essay. Go figure. I'm not sure I'm all that happy with the stuff I've alreayd written either. I guess I'll just have to wait until I've finished it to judge though. Right now it's pretty sketchy. I'm sure it will be fine once it's done. Just going to have to kick it into high gear for the rest of the week.

My asthma's been horrid the last couple days. I've been cutting down on my cigarrrette intake...and my allergies are acting up. I think spring is finally here. Yay..I think. LOL