Goth face

That was weird

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off... hit my snooze button several times, as I usually do before work. Grumbled in my head about not wanting to go to work, wishing I didn't have to go to work, then reluctantly climbed out of bed to start getting ready. It wasn't until about five or ten minutes afterwards that I realized it was Saturday!! I was really happy that I was going to be able to crawl back into my warm, cozy bed, let me tell ya!!

Made myself a whole grain bagel with cream cheese with a side of carrots and glass of Mango juice for breakfast this morning. I've actually been doing pretty well with my eating habits recently. Bought a good amount of groceries and limited myself to things that were healthier choices. Took some chicken out of the freezer for later today too. I'm feeling good about it and it's largely thanks to a few of my good friends who cared enough about me to harass me about eating... making sure I do eat. Thanks by the way. Sometimes I guess all we need is a kick in the butt. Reminds us that someone out there does care.

I've also recently found out how much of a difference a brush and hair dryer can make! I've blow dried my hair for the past two days and DAMN does it ever look a lot nicer! I've had a whole bunch of people comment on it too! Who would have thunk it?!

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*kicks her in the but* Eat! *s*

It's a good thing you noticed the time before you showered eh? I did that once...really pissed me off, but I was already up and running. *l* Of course, I did get alot accomplished that day.

Hair dryers are good. Well sometimes. Some days they like me and my hair does what it should, other days....well those are too horrible to mention here. *wink*

Love you sweetie. Take care of yourself eh? Don't make me come down there and ... um ... die of horrible allergies in an attempt to take care of you. "must *wheeze* finish *cough* stir-fry for Kalee *wheeze*" *collapses in a plate of noodles* Ah, the horror! ;)

Sometimes I just wanna cuddle you and make everything alright. Sleeping goddess....;)
thats gotta be the coolest feeling in the world. :)
hope you had a good day!
Hugs xxx