Goth face


I bought myself a new hard drive today. 120 Gigs of space baby!! I even managed to get the damn thing installed!! Took me three hours, broke off part of my nail and cut right into my finger on the fan but I got it installed! I'm really impressed with myself actually. I feel so geeky and stuff! It's fabulous! My finger hurts, but my ego's bigger! I'd actually been putting off buying a new drive because I was a bit afraid about installing it, but I'm glad I bit the bullet because now I have more than 800MB's of free space! Of course I probably have WAY more space than I'll need for a looong time, but that's besides the point!

I also got my quiz back from my sociology class. We wrote our third and final quiz last Thursday and I was really hoping to breaky my low 50% streak... sure enough, I did it!! Got my paper back and staring me right in the face was a beautiful 77%! I was thrilled! It gave me hope for the class. Now I just have to do well on the final and on my essay that's due next week! Gotta get cracking!

Looking forward to Huinatnaaq's visit in 2 weeks! Should be a blast!

I think that's actually about it!


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