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The day after

Well, looks like something I ate last night didn't sit well. I started feeling really sick to my stomach at around 2am and this morning I'm not feeling a whole lot better.

I picked up a few really neat things when I was in Stratford. We went to the two Elizagoth stores which carry a few different things from wall plaques to celtic cross jewellery to cd's and even some books. I love their stuff and the people who work there are really helpful (well most of them anyway). I picked up an illustrated children's book about the myth of Caer and Aengus. It's beautifully illustrated and that alone was enough to make me want to get it! I also picked up a cornflower scented votive candle for my Brighid candle holder. Found a Rosie the Riveter lunch box at the toy store there. It's an awesome toy store that has a lot of older/vintage type toys. Lady D picked up a finger trap for her brother there. Picked up a plain little pentacle too. I have a bunch of more intricate ones but I really wanted a plain one. Found a pretty inexpensive one too, so that worked out well.

It was also really nice to have the car. We were able to just kind of do our own thing, go on a little bit of a Sunday drive. We went to Grand Bend and Goderich to the waterfront. The waves were just awesome because of the snow storm and wind that we were having. Got some really fun pics of it too! It was really nice weekend all around. Can't wait to do it again!


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