Goth face

Home sweet home

Back from a weekend at my Dad's. Rented a car and picked up Lady D on the way so we could spend a weekend chilling together. Also give her a chance to get away for a weekend. I'm really glad to have had her along. She got to meet my crazy family. huinatnaaq if you think I'm liberal, you should meet my Dad! The car I rented was a PT Cruiser and I was very sad to say good-bye when I dropped it off at the rental place. Having wheels again really made me want to get my own car. Don't know where I'd park it though. *sigh* Thanks for coming with me Lady D, it was really cool to have the company!!

Something is weighing on my mind tonight. I realized that something I thought didn't hurt anymore was really just buried as opposed to healed. I wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way... if it even matters. I've felt some things slipping farther and farther away and I've found some new things coming into my life. I try to balance things, but it feels sometimes like I'm the only one hanging on. I thought I'd let go. Let it go. Somewhere in there it seems like there was just a small piece that I left attached. I don't know why... I sometimes wonder if it's just a rope with nothing at the other end anymore. If the rope's been forgotten... if the rope's not needed... I don't know if the rope even matters, yet I still keep that little piece of rope attached. Maybe because I care... maybe because I hope... maybe because you never know when you might get a little tug on the rope because someone needs help climbing up. I really don't know. I thought I'd tossed the rope over the edge of the cliff. Just to be safe. Because just as easily as you can help someone up with the rope... they can also pull you down. I don't want to be pulled down by anyone ever again.

In other news... I can't see the big dipper tonight, but I know that it's still there. Just like you.


*giggly girlieness*

You are so cute! Cute cute cute! KAWAIIIIIII!!!!


Hang on to my rope. I won't let you go down again. I promise. *hugs*