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Is it ever enough?

Well, I had a pretty decent day today. Slept in until about 11:00 am, which is VERY late for me, even though I was up until 4:00am yet again. I haven't gotten any schoolwork done but I spent a huge chunk of yesterday and Friday night studying so I don't feel too bad for giving myself a break. Actually went out with Eumelos, Hazel and some new friends... J and her bf and another friend of hers. She's an old friend of Eumelos and Huinatnaaq. We get along pretty well. We went and saw Secret Window. It was interesting but nothing special. Afterwards J, her BF and I went to the Korean Grill House up the street from the theatre. It was good fun, but also a lot of work because you grill the food yourself. It was fun though, lots of good chatting and laughs. Even got in a bit of exercise by walking up from the streetcar stop at Queen Street to the apartment on my way home. That felt good. Also gave me a chance to relieve a bit of stress.

Speaking of stress, I seem to have done something to make my neck, shoulder and back muscles really sore... not sure what, but I'm hoping it goes away soon. It's rather annoying.

I've been noticing some changes in myself. I'm becoming more tolerant of some things and much less tolerant of others. I'm doing things that I wouldn't normally think of doing and acting a bit out of character in some instances. I feel that I'm giving people the wrong impression sometimes, but at other times I wonder if maybe I was giving the wrong impression before, because I've never felt so alive.

Got my little painting I started the other day done. Finished it last night during the time I spent in my "inner sanctum". I find it very calming to just go and spend a few minutes in there. Doesn't really matter that much what I'm doing as long as I'm in there. I usually light a bunch of candles, some incense and just relax. Sometimes put on some relaxing music too depending on my mood.

One thing I think I have to try and learn is to stop overanalyzing things and just go with the flow. Tough one for me, but I'm pretty sure I can do it if I put my mind to it. There are a few things that I need to put my mind to. One thing at a time though.


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