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Lucky Pennies

I've been meaning to add an entry about this for the past few days but it just seems to keep slipping my mind.

One day last week (or the week before, not sure anymore) I stepped outside of my apartment building and saw a penny on the ground...then another one! One of them was tails up so I flipped it over for the next person (I heard somewhere it's better if it's heads up),picked up the other one and put it in my pocket. The next day I came outside and there were FIVE more pennies and the one that I'd flipped over the previous day. This time I picked them all up. Since then I've been finding lucky pennies everywhere! On the sidewalk, at the top of the escalator at the subway, in the hallway at work... they just keep appearing. I'm taking this as a good omen despite all that's been happening lately. I'm waiting for something really good to come my way! Bring it on universe!! I could use some good!
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You remember that tarot card with the money on it you drew? *wink* Mabye it's about this lucky penny find you are on....