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Ack! Too much homework

Well, I didn't get in my excercising today, but I managed to squeeze 15 minutes in yesterday. Spent a good chunk of time in my "inner sanctum" the other day too. It was really nice... I started a a background down on the canvas, but not sure what actual image I want to put on it now. I'm sure it will come to me though. I also did a sketch in pencil. It turned out really well too (IMO). I'm quite pleased with it.

I've spent a good chunk of my night so far studying. I have so much homework because I have a quiz next week and an essay to hand in shortly after that. I don't want to get another 51% on a quiz so I'm trying to really buckle down and learn this shit! So far so good. I've just finished a good 2 hour stretch of reading... with still more to go!

I'm finding I'm staying up later these days. Partly because there is something interesting that makes me WANT to stay up. I'm noticing that I'm actually benefiting from less hours sleep though. I don't feel as drained throughout the day, which leads me to believe that I was really oversleeping before, mostly because of boredom, and it was actually working against me. Of course last night staying up until 4:15am (points and accusing finger at huinatnaaq) may have been a bit much, but I got a nap in after work today, so I'm all good. Having my alarm go off at 7am this morning was a bit harsh though, but I did manage to make it through the day.

My eating has gotten a bit better, but still not up to where it should be. At least I'm not completely starving myself. It's mostly that my appetite has somewhat diminished recently. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering I'm prone to overeating...but I think I've gone a bit to the other extreme. I'm sure it will balance itself out eventually. Just takes time for these things sometimes.

One good thing is that mentally I'm feeling a bit more balanced...hopefully it will last more than one day this time!


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