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I bought myself some homeopathic pills to stop snoring yesterday. I was thinking that might be causing me to have trouble sleeping. I'm not even sure that I do snore, but I'd wake up with a dry throat and the back of my throat would be a little sore sometimes... I figured I'd give it a try.

So this morning I wake up and even though I know I had dreams, I can't really remember what they were, there's no dry throat or soreness either. I also feel really well rested and I didn't go to bed any earlier than usual. I am a bit groggy right now, seeing as I just woke up, but mentally I feel very well rested.

Don't get me wrong, today would be a perfect day to stay home and curl up in movies, relax, read...but alas... I have work to go to. Thankfully that only sucks away 5 hours of my life, plus travel time.

Last night userinfoladydogstar</span>, myself and our friend Hazel did a full moon ritual. Well actually, userinfoladydogstar</span> performed the ritual... we just kind of stood there. One of these times I'm going to actually participate more. It was really neat though because the moon rose right at the part where userinfoladydogstar</span> said that we should all gaze at the moon. It was low on the horizon and red in colour. At first I wasn't even sure if it was the it rose it changed from red, to orange, to yellow and presumably to white, but we didn't stay our there quite that long.

That's about it in a nutshell for this morning.
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I'm glad you finally had a restful sleep honey. *s*

*hugs* Struggle through work and rest tonight ok? You deserve it.
Oh I'm struggling away! LoL I just keep thinking how glad I am that I'm only working part-time. Sorry I was so "lifeless" last night, I let myself get way too run down recently. With any luck I'll be a bit more lively next time!