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Stolen from Hazelbranch

Sanguine: You are sanguine. Air is the element
associated with your type, and your endocrine
system is dominated by the sex organs. When you
lead, it is by transferring your own enthusiasm
to others, and you probably like to communicate
and develop consensus. When you are happy, you
like to party, and when you are sad, you tend
to argue or weep. To make your diet healthier,
you would do well to eat less fatty foods, and
more vegetables. Your sleep schedule is
probably fairly regular, averaging about 7
hours a night. Your favorite meal is likely to
be breakfast, and shellfish is commonly a
favorite food amongst your type. Melancholics
are the people you find most attractive. Your
Jungian type is Intuitive Introvert. Your
comprehension is in the mode of "I
Understand", and your mode of being is to

What is your Humour?
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