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I keep thinking to myself that there are so many things that I'd like to do, but I just can't do them because of school. When I follow that train of thought I realize if I keep going the way I'm going, I won't be able to do the things I want for a long time, and wish that I could just go back to school full time. That's when I realize that with my current job, that would be pretty near impossible. I'd like to quit my job, but then I wouldn't be able to afford anything. I mean the whole point of me going back to school is to better myself an hopefully get out of this dead-end job of mine. Then again, even after I graduate there's no guarantee that I'd be able to find anything other than the type of working I'm doing now. *sigh* In fact, I'm not even sure I know what I'd like to do with my future. Maybe I shouldn't think... it's just depressing! I feel like I've got no direction. Is it possible to be too focused on living for today? So focused that I have no plan for tomorrow...for the most part don't even think about the future. Do I need a plan for tomorrow? Or am I just reflecting the teachings of society? Sometimes I wonder. It seems the wondering is what gets me in trouble too. I could think myself into a hole!!

It seems I have a lot on my mind lately. Many things weighing heavily on my soul, heart and mind. Most things will take time to work out, but I know they will work out... all I can do until then is take things one day at a time. Try not to let the thoughts bog me down. Though I also have to make sure I'm not just masking them, trying to avoid them. I have to deal with them, confront them... sometimes that's just harder than it seems.

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Things that make ya go hmmm
Finding what you want to do, as a professional, is a difficult thing. Especially when you love and like so many different things. Don't think about what you WANT to do, but rather what you CAN do. Once you have compiled that list then you may find that there are jobs, or education, you can get in order to achieve what you want.

As a teacher you can't help but notice skills, traits, personality, and strenths in those we see. I have only known you for so short a time but already I see things. If I had to write you a report card, God I am evil, under skills I would write:

1.) Excellent Computer skills
2.) Quick Language pick-up
3.) French speaking
4.) Resourcefullness
5.) Convictions
6.) Does not give up easily
7.) Does not co-operate well with others! (Joking)
8.) Does homework....well....sometimes ;-)
9.) Good lookin and funny *well not all students get that comment ;-)*
Re: Things that make ya go hmmm
Oh man!! That was too funny!!! Thanks for the laugh. Especially on #7!!!! LOL ... no really! I was laughing out loud! Good thing I didn't read this at work!!!