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Well, I actually did it! I got up off my ass and did a quick little full moon ritual! I'm actually quite pleased with myself. It wasn't anything fancy, but I'm glad that I finally DID something instead of just talking about how I SHOULD do something and then not doing anything. It wasn't as profound as some other stuff I've participated in, but what matters is simply that I DID it. It's actually one of my goals to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to my spiritual growth. It can be a small ritual, meditation, creative writing, art...anything as long as it's related to my spiritual growth. It's a tough goal for a procrastinator like me to acheive, but it's a good one for me. I think that I can gain a lot from it. I've been getting some pretty good results out of the meditations I've been doing recently, despite the fact that many of them tend to end up being VERY intense.

Another thing I need to start doing is excercising more... whether it's dancing, walking, biking, rollerblading, sit ups... it doesn't matter as long as I do it. I know that my body wants it because I can feel it. I've used my inflatable punching bag a few times and that works well, so I'll have to try and do things like that a bit more often.

I used my ritual today partially to ask for the strength/ambition/drive to want to do these things and actually do them. I can use all the help I can get!
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That's awesome! I'm glad you did ritual for yourself. Feels good eh?

I feel like excersising more too...when the weather is warmer I'm going to pullout dad's bike and start riding once a day. Hopefully lose some of these extra poundages I seem to have packed on. LOL

I had to realize that rituals aren't going to be profound all the time. In fact, rarely. And be ok with that. Rituals are for the Gods IMO and if they want to bless with contact or profoundness, then that's great, if not, at least they know I'm worshipping and honoring them.

*hugs* TTYL