Goth face

Popping the Cherry

Well someone had to do it!
Now that it's done I don't know what else to do!

I should actually be writing my essay that is due on Wednesday... or maybe doing a bit of cleaning.
Alas, I am doing none of these things!

Perhaps I'll just have a nap instead... wake up with a fresh mind... maybe.
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Hey Valkyri! Thanks for stopping by!
Although I know you from CW, you probably don't know me very well, seeing as I haven't posted much until just recently.
I also want to thank you for helping Ladydogstar out with the ratties, I haven't had a chance to meet them yet, but I know she loves them.
Stop by and visit anytime!

I'm always thankful to her for giving them a good home and taking such good care of them. They are sweet little girls :-) They rode on my shoulder the whole way to Toronto, and Pecan slept all snuggled up in the crook of my neck while Brat chewed on my ear, licked my nostrils, became tangled in my hair, lept to the headrest behind me, and tried to help <lj user="Caspy> drive... as you see, they are aptly named. I haven't been posting that much in CW much lately, my thinking often goes in other directions where other lists get my attention, but I always read it. Take care, and try to get some of your essay done - I quite remember those days. I'm a procrastinator too, and always tried to shove four months worth of work into the last three weeks.