Goth face

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So I'm talking on the phone with huinatnaaq and I'm playing with the phone cord... I decide to start chewing on it when I realize that it tastes funny. That's when I remember that I sprayed all my cords with apple bitter to keep the cats from chewing on them. I can officially say that it tastes like shit!! VERY effective!


Wonder if it would work for my daughter's thumb sucking habit.

Apparently the tooth fairy emailed her and told her she would not bring money until the thumb sucking stopped - it's not working.

hahaha, I used to suck my thumb too!! Until I was 14! The apple bitter might just help. It's awful stuff!! Awful! ;)
mmmmm bitter apples
(VALLY GIRL VOICE HERE) So like, she was like totally, you know? And I was like, well my God ya know? Then she was like yuck and then like I was like man, so then we were both like dude, and then it was over.