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Up late again chatting with huinatnaaq...of course he does have this habit of saying "brb" then disappearing for extended periods of time. *sigh* Spent several hours chatting on the phone with our minds firmly planted in the gutter. My stomach is also really bothering me again tonight. I think I've been abusing it WAY too much recently. Between too many chips at LadyDogstar's place and then chips and cookies here it's no wonder. I really have to get a handle on myself. This crappy eating has to stop. I need to start taking better care of myself. I'm never going to get rid of this extra weight if I keep making meals out of potato chips. *sigh* So now I'm drinking chammomile/peppermint tea in a feeble attempt to calm my stomach. I'm tired of this lazy lifestyle I've settled into, and at the same time I don't want to do anything about it. It's frustrating. I need to get myself motivated.... still trying to figure out how.

I think I need to make a list of the things that I want to change in my life and keep it with me at all times to remind me. I know that I can do anything I put my mind too...I just have a selective memory! ;)
%^!&# Huinatnaaq!
Man, I hate that guy huinatnaaq. Howevever, you can not blame him for his evil ways. Then again, his mind was not in the gutter first! It was all you baby! Every evil thought, Every evil way, Every....well I can't think of a third thing to say, but if I had it would have been real witty!

On a serious note: I hope your stomach feels better soon.
On a second serious note: Losing weight takes time so be patient with yourself.
Re: %^!&# Huinatnaaq!
LoL, if I'm any more patient with losing weight I won't be losing weight at all!! Currently I'm THRILLED if I lose a pound a month!! hahaha It's mostly being concerned about my health more than anything else.

You guys are too much!! Craig... prepare to be added to my friends list!! I wouldn't want to miss any of the fun afterall! Mwahahaha

What is this beat up on Huinatnaaq conversation? I mean....I don't....abuse.....okay I do abuse you all, but its cute when I do it....okay maybe not....but....sigh.....I have to admit its to early to say anything witty so I will just have to resort to blatent evil attack on my Bro.

One day when Craig was very young, and alone in his room, the whole family walked in to his room only to find him *THIS PART OF THE STORY HAS BEEN CENSORED DUE TO ITS GRAPHIC NATURE. HUINATNAAQ WILL BE BEATED, TORTURED, AND ABUSED FOR HIS EVIL WAYS. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND GOD BLESS LJ!*........and then he shat on a turtle!

Well that is it...later
He's awful isn't he?!?! Just leaves you hanging!! As if he's allowed to have a life of his own or something!!! Sheesh!