Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Well heading of to visit Ladydogstar today! YAY!!!! I'm really looking forward to it, even if I know that I SHOULD be spending this time off work studying!

Spent a good chunk of the morning finishing "The Four Agreements" which I bought on Valkyri's recommendation. It's a very interesting book that requires more than just reading through it. I'm still not sure how to take it or whether I fully understand everything that the author was trying to say, but on the other hand there were a lot of ideas that I already practice...but perhaps not all the time.

Spent another chunk of my morning practicing my guitar playing. It's coming along nicely! I even have a small fanclub up in Nunavut now! I sent a clip of me playing to a friend of mine who works there and he played it during one of his classes and apparently the kids loved it. He told me there was even air guitar playing going on!! hehehe The kids have informed him that he is to marry me and bring me back there so I can play for them. Of course when we pointed out that we haven't actually met in person yet (He is one of M's friends from PEI) they gave him permission to NOT marry me, but he had to kiss me for letting them hear the song! LoL What do you expect from 10-13 year olds!! Actually it was kind of funny because even B didn't believe it was actually me playing at first. Of course I sent him the ONLY sound bite that came out well, but it was still me!! The kids didn't believe that I'd only been playing since December either and B told me that they are now all going to be taking up the guitar! hehehe I thought that was so cute. In any case, my fingers are REALLY sore from all the playing I did this morning. Once I get started I just keep on playing, pain or no pain! The music and playing just makes me feel so happy, so alive! It's like I was born for music!

45 minutes until I head to the train station! Yipee!! :D

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