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Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I don't really see this day as much more than a gimmick, but it does give people an extra reason to let the special people in their life know how much they mean to them. Do something a little bit MORE than usual to let them know that they are special and loved. At our place Glaucu had his hunny over and hung out with Hazel and M in the living room watching TV. I know that I could have hung out with them but it was just to awkward for me. Cuts a little too close. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being single, but watching happy couples kiss and snuggle etc, is bit much for me. I'm happy being single, not a robot!!

I did a reading with my new Moon Oracle cards. I felt really drawn to them when I first saw them, but I didn't buy them because the store was closing and I didn't want to spend the money at that point. I went back and bought them though and I'm so glad I did. The reading I did was so incredibly accurate it was amazing! I've decided to start a journal for my different readings too. Including what deck I used and what spread. Of course I have a feeling it will be filled mostly with Moon Oracle and Gothic Vampire readings!
Days like Valentine's can be really hard to do with mixed company as far as couple-status goes. I'm sorry if we did anything other than being in couples that made it harder for you to feel you could be a part of it. *hugs*

So what kinda reading did you do?
I think keeping a reading journal is a good idea and its something i've been doing off and on. I try and do a reading for myself every day based on the particular layout with my deck specifically for that purpose called "Soul Protectors Spread" that kinda goes into what your day will be like. I don't often write those down though since its every day. Other readings i do keep track of... especially year readings. I usually do a year reading at Samhain each year, but due to the kind of ritual we ended up having our divination took a different form and i didn't do one then. I have done one since though, so i take a look at it every once in awhile to see how the reading progresses.