Goth face


I find it really interesting that I got the Desert on this because I've been having a lot of thoughts and feelings about deserts and desert-like things lately. Neat! I like this quiz!

Your spirit lies in the desert! Poor fragile desert. All by your lonesome, you long for
something you once had, or dreamed of. You know sadness, you see it in others eyes and you
find it somehow comforting. For you know it so well and have known it for so long. You cry for
yourself, you cry for others and you cry for the world. You maybe delicate and your heart
maybe broken, but your heart is still intact and this rain will bring some lovely flowers.
You will endure and be happy again. Perhaps, you may even find that something, or someone
you long for? You will always cry for that is your nature, but next time around it will be
tears of joy!

Where In Nature Does Your Spirit Lie?
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