Goth face

and then there was the last straw

I'm slowly but surely cleaning my room tonight. Sure I'm tired from the lack of sleep and could probably think of about 100 other things I'd rather do, but I just can't take the mess anymore. I'm also thinking that getting this cleaned up (again) will help with some of the stress I've been feeling. I find that when my room is messy it's often a reflection of how I'm feeling and vice versa. I even took "before" pictures of the room this morning!! That way I can compare as I go so I donn't get discouraged!! LOL

On another note I went to buy a pack of gum today and didn't see the attendant at the cash. I was wondering where he had disappeared to when I saw a little sign that said please wait a few minutes for pray. I don't know why, but I was really moved by this. When the guy got up off the floor I was smiling widely. His religious devotion really touched me. AND instead of putting myself down about my lack of religious devotion, I simply thought to myself "See how easy it is? I can do that. Just take a few minutes each day." It was very moving for me and I hope that I can take the example of that gentleman and applied to my own life.

So yeah... different from my previous post, but that's because I'm a bit skitzoid... I don't even think I spelled that right.
Man, you're so rough on yourself. :-) You're a good girl. Cut yourself some slack. You're human.

And I love that little praying story. That amazes me, truly.