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I had weird dreams again last night. Of you may have noticed this is not an abnormality in my life. Seeing as I actually remember them, I figure I'll share.

Dream #1
Headed out to a fetish club for the first time. When I arrive the woman sitting at the door tells me that someone wanted to see me and I was led upstairs. I was with a friend but I'm not sure who it was. Upstairs we find these tough looking guys (seeing as it's my dream I know instantly that they're mobsters) and they start questioning me about some guy that I used to know. He'd left some stuff at my place and they were wondering where it was. I told them that I'd thrown the stuff out because I hadn't heard from him in so long. They asked me where the "enter sign" was and I told them I had no idea what they were referring to...then I got this image of this tool box that the guy had left at my place and how another friend had asked if he could take it. I had told him yes and I was recalling having seen the "enter sign" inside of it. Then my girl friend who was with me pipes up "what about that stuff you gave to X?" (can't remember who she referred to but I think it was my friend Jay). Naturally the Mob guys ears perked up at that... so I quickly say that I'd just given him some junk, but no "enter sign". The Mob guys seemed satisfied, they didn't really have a beef with us anyway... so they thanked us and sent us back downstairs where my friend and I met up with some other people who were there. At some point I realized that I wasn't dressed quite the way I wanted to be and started to change clothes. I was changing right in front of everyone. I remember that I was going to put on this rather sex black bra that had big red roses right on the cups... I was going to put something over it too... something black but fairly seethrough but decided I'd just walk around in the bra. Flash to...

Dream #2

My friend </a></b></a>ladydogstar came over for a few nights and upon going to the fridge she remarked on how much it sucked and how unhospitable we were because we didn't have very much to eat. I felt insulted because there was quite a bit of food, but not a huge amount, and thought she was being really ungrateful (now anyone who knows </a></b></a>ladydogstar knows that she's not the type of person to say something like this...but hey! It's a dream). Then the scene shifts and I'm going over to her place... I'm famished so I open her fridge and lo and behold... there's juice, juice and more juice and not a whole hell of a lot else. At that point I said, you're the fine one to complain about what someone else has in their fridge. (Don't you just love dreams, so straight forward and bold! LoL) Anyway, then we head over to Walmart with her mom (who, for the record, I have never met) and she heads off to get something done at what looks like the photo department and I head off to look for file folders I'm going down the aisles trying to find the right one and I come across these laundry baskets (the file folders I'd been talking about before bed last night and the laundry baskets I'd seen last time I went there... no question about where those two ideas fit in). So I'm trying out the different sizes of laundry baskets to see which size I want and </a></b></a>ladydogstar comes over and says they're ready to go. I vaguely remember leaving and something about some kids playing in the parking lot, misbehaving and telling them that they should be at home in bed... then we flash to....

Dream #3
This is the shortest and final dream... I was looking up the Wiccan Sabbats but couldn't seem to find everything I needed. Everything I looked at was either wrong or missing something... at some point I just got frustrated and woke up. The End.

Phew! What a night! I would really like, just a few nights, to have a completely dreamless sleep. I always feel like I've been up all night when I have these really vivid dreams... probably because my mind doesn't get much downtime. It's strange though because it seems like my brain is going through some of the thoughts that have been running through it in order to get them cleared out, but it never ends. I guess I just have a mind that's too busy!

One last note for this morning... the music choice this morning is all </a></b></a>ladydogstar's fault!!

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