Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Just got back from a weekend at my Dad's. It was a good weekend, usually is when I go visit. Didn't really do anything specific, but we don't need to. I just wish the train didn't get back into Toronto so late.

I picked up my glasses before work on Friday. WOW!! What a difference!! I can't get over it! The texture of tree bark and ripples in the snow! The colours are so much brighter, the contrast is sharper... the play of light and shadow is so breathtaking! I can't get over how much different things look. But by far, the best and most beautiful sight was the way that nearly full moon looked. I could see the craters instead of just a blurry ball of light in the sky. I ended up staring at it for a good part of the train ride home.

I love being able to see properly again!!!!

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