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I'm really eager to get my glasses. I'm still unsure about how I'm going to like the frames I picked out, but I remembered something that the girl at the optometrist's said to me when we were picking out the frames. It was a choice between these somewhat "trendier" pair and a more conservative pair and she said (paraphrased): 'No, those are too conservative for a girl who walks in eating frozen yogourt in the middle of winter! You need something wilder.' I thought that was neat.

Last night I also went out and splurged a bit. I bought myself a nice pair of earings that have a celtic knot design and a little crescent moon, an amber bracelet and a raw emerald necklace. I almost didn't get the necklace because it was a bit pricey, but in the end, I gave in. It is so beautiful! I also got myself a digital camera. I had a really cheap little webcam that had a digital camera option, but it sucks... a lot. This new camera is not only weatherproof, but AMAZING! The pictures are so clear and crisp! I took a picture of myself last night and was actually able to zoom in so close that I could see the pores on my nose!!!

I had a really bad migraine yesterday. I ended up leaving work early, but while I was at work I took this one call from a lady looking for an e-commerce set-up. I tried to go through everything in a lot of detail for her because she was really new to this kind of thing. At the end she thanked me a lot then asked to speak with my supervisor. It caught me off guard a bit, but I got a supervisor on the phone for her. Turns out that she wanted to let my supervisor know how great of a job I did, but also that she'd called in before and gotten someone VERY unhelpful on the phone... luckily she had the name of that individual, so they will be receiving some coaching. I was so thrilled to have someone actually tell my supervisor that I did a great job though. I really made my day! Strangely, the migraine passed on it's own without drugs a little while after I left work. Probably because I closed my eyes and relaxed on the subway all the way to my doctor's appointment.

I really wish I didn't have to go to work today. *sigh* I'd rather stay home and study... of course, knowing me I'd probably procrastinate the day away! LoL
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I think you'll look cute. Of course, I always think you look cute. ;)

What a nice comment...and so you! *laughs*

You'll have to bring your camera down when you come - we can play dress up and have a photoshoot! I used to do that when I was younger, it was great fun. :) Mabye take some naughty pics ;)

I really do think the glasses will help with your headaches. :) Sounds like it has been a problem for you at work...the computer screen and all the reading you have to do. I really hope it helps...I don't like to hear you are sick so much. *hugs*

i bet your going to look FAB in your glasses! you should post a piccie :D

My camera died :(

Erm, i'm done now

*big hugs*
I'm pretty much taking pics of everything with my new cam right now, so I'll definitely take on with my new glasses! Still waiting impatiently for them! LoL