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It's the eve of Imbolc and I know that I should be heading out to the WCC right about now, but it's just not going to happen. I don't really feel up to it. It's just not as much fun when you're going all by yourself (Nebby I miss you!). I think I'm all alone in the apartment now too. Hazel and M just left, presumably to go to an Imbolc event of their own but that's just speculation on my part. No one tells me anything. I usually find out where everyone went on LJ the next day. C'est la vie!

Anyway, I'm actually in a pretty shitty mood right now, so I'm cutting this post short before it turns into venting about nothing and everything. Maybe I'll do my own little private rit... not sure what though... mind you I did buy some milk for a rit... hopefully it hasn't gone bad already like my chicken! Grr... stupid chicken!

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