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Better...except for that sugar overdose

I don't know if I'm better because it's Friday and I have the next two days off, or because I just consumed WAY too much sugar. Either way, I am feeling a bit better at the moment. I did however have a few rough patches throughout the day... one because of work as I'd been expecting... the other was another case of me thinking too much, overanalyzing something and causing myself to stress about it.

I got a bit more cleaning done today.... it's almost starting to look acceptable in some places. There's still a long way to go, but now that I'm actually seeing the difference it helps. It's largely a matter of having too much "stuff". You know that kind of stuff that you can't find a place for but don't want to get rid of "just in case". I'm also notorious for not wanting to get rid of something that isn't broken. Some of this stuff just needs to be organized, but that requires me picking up organizing things like folders and containers... of course I'm thinking of this at 10:30pm so I'm out of luck until tomorrow.

I sure did eat too much ice cream... and my stomach is not happy with me. I'd been doing so well with what I've been eating lately that I figured I could have a little treat... my stomach says otherwise. At least I'm feeling motivated today... I'm looking around this messy room and thinking that I can tackle it now instead of just getting depressed by it. Yeehaw! Unfortunately my "Mary Poppins" cleaning powers aren't working... I guess I'll have to keep practicing. I wonder if maybe my singing is off key...

Foooooor a spoonful of sugar.......ugh, no more sugar

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