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I'm SO happy right now!! This day started out awful...mainly the waking up at 5am to go to a stoopid sales conference for work... followed by lots of people droning on and on and on. BUT, it's all better now because there are computers here WITH internet access... so in the 5 free minutes I get between events I can stay connected!! yay me!! This whole conference thing wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't from 8am to 5pm Friday AND Saturday. That just kills me! Not to mention we don't get paid for Saturday, but that's life.

I wanted to post last night about my latest discovery, but I was WAY too tired after lots of shit hit a really big fan and I finally finished packing for this weekend event. But I digress... my discovery was....

MY FIRST GRAY HAIR!!! YAY ME!!! I was so excited about it!! I don't know why exactly... I'm weird about aging. I don't fear it like most people. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now... I embrace change and aging is part of that. I couldn't wait to turn 25 this past September so I could say that I was a quarter of a century old and now I find a gray hair and I'm thrilled! Am I weird? Perhaps. But I like it this way!

That is all.... it's just about supper time now. One good thing about this conference is that there is no shortage of food! And now that I can check my LJ and such, it's even better!!

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