Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

recent hiatus

Well, here I am. I didn't drop off the face of the earth but our high speed internet did....again. That's right our internet dropped yet again, but we've already placed the order to switch back to DSL from cable. I also bought a new ethernet card which seems to have helped kick the speed up a notch, though I don't believe that was the problem...seeing as the other one HAD worked fine, but was a bit older/slower. Besides, it's an upgrade for my computer so I don't mind. So we should be hooked back up on DSL this coming week and be rid of Rogers once and for all (thank the gods).

In other related news:

I got my mid-term back from my Anthropology of Religion class. This was the first thing we've had marked in this class so I had NO idea what to expect... end result: 82%. I was pretty damned happy about that let me tell you!!

I finally got myself a new cell phone today. Unfortunately I had to also upgrade my rate plan, but it's not too bad. I had to cut it back before because I had a loan I was paying off and couldn't afford the extra expense, but that loan is gone, so I have a bit more extra cash. I probably should have gotten a cheaper phone, but there were a few features on this phone that I really being able to record messages for myself that I can playback later (with my memory that is a very good feature!). So I'm really happy with my new toy.

Another thing I got of myself last week was a folding bridge table. I also picked up a folding chair to go with it and they are currently residing in my book/altar room. I'm going to use that room for studying/art/reading/tarot etc. It's a nice cozy room and I find that I'm able to study better when I actually have somewhere to do it!

Taking the lovely ladydogstar out after work tonight. Have some girl time, just me, her and hazelbranch. After that I'm going to my favourite weekend haunt - Tango/Crews to possibly meet another single lady! We'll see how that goes.

I guess that's about all the big news I have for the moment. Hope everyone's been doing ok these past few weeks. Hugs to all who haven't.

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