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Just got back from an extended weekend at my dad's (left on Jan. 1). We'd arranged for my brother and his fiance to meet me at the train station to surprise my dad and boy did we ever succeed! My dad was so happy and surprised that he was crying while squeezing my brother (they haven't seen each other in a few years). It was a good weekend.

For the record I wanted to mention that Hazel ended her relationship in March, not May like my "year in review" indicated (I told you I didn't write down the exact time!! LOL).

I'm hoping that LadyDogstar is all moved into her new place. Was thinking about her today. Sorry I couldn't be there to help!

As Hazel mentioned in her journal, they got me a new Tarot deck...which I think makes it deck number 8 for me. (maybe I should start doing readings more often!) It's such an awesome deck. Definitely darker than your standard deck, but it's vampires so what would you expect? Flowers and bunnies? I think not! I'm so thrilled with it and was completely surprised. I'm still excited about it... I really like the art of this deck. It reaches a darker side of me that I like. (don't worry folks, I'm not going to bite your neck....well not unless you want me to *evil grin*)

I got some nice presents from my Stratford family and bought a few items for myself that are rather nice. But I think the best thing I got is something I bought for someone else.... I can't wait to give it to them!! I hope they like it! The suspense is killing me!! LoL

I almost forgot! Happy belated B-day to Kisobel!!

I think that was it... oh well anything else will have to wait until tomorrow... or should I say later today?

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The move went well. *hugs* Glad you had a good time with your dad!

Will have to have you over soon...will have Rogers come tomorrow so I'll be online more and we'll chat. I'm at my family's right now - tooth stuff. *grimace*