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I just felt like posting so please be advised that this will most likely be more incoherent rambling on my part.

Still not sure if we're doing anything for New Year's Eve...the roomies and I have been throwing around a few different ideas, but nothing concrete. I'm pretty sure I'd like to go out somewhere, but I'm not sure where...and some of the places that I'd be interested in going either cost too much or wouldn't really be interesting for everyone! LOL

Speaking of going out, I'm hoping to make it to the next Scarlet Woman. I haven't been since my first time several months ago. I'm looking forward to seeing the lovely tormenta again, and of course perfectmagician, blackorchid1 and her lovely partner if they're feeling up to it by then. Not to mention I have a really nice corset that I bought just before Halloween that needs to get worn a bit more often!

I'm still upset about having missed the Solstice debauch. I think I would have enjoyed that quite a bit, but unfortunately I got my dates mixed up. *sigh*

My hair isn't growing fast enough for my liking. It's growing pretty fast, but I had a long way to go. (it was shaved bald last year and hasn't been cut since June now) One of the girls at work got extensions put in her hair and it looks really good. I'd like to get that done too I think... even if it's just for fun. I've got kink/fetish on the brain! Whatever shall I do!? Given the time, I should probably go to bed!! LOL


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