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Well, I played Zelda for almost the whole day, but I did manage to peel myself away long enough to make some really tasty It was supposed to be a chicken broth base with lots of veggies, but the broth I had expired a couple weeks ago... so I scoured the cupboard and found a can of beef broth. Went to open the can and saw that it had expired LAST YEAR!! ick! So I figured I was actually going to have to go out and get something when a little box fell out of the cupboard as I was getting out the can of navy beans for the soup... lo and behold, it was a box of bouillon cubes!!! I was so happy!! I'd totally forgotten that I had them! So I made my soup with one cube of mushroom bouillon and one cube of vegetable bouillon. I cut up some red peppers, broccoli, carrots, celery, zuchini, and half a can of tomatoes. I also added some pepper, salt, garlic powder, a little dill and some basil. All in all it turned out quite nicely...and seeing as I made 10 cups of it, I have some leftover for work! I love making soup in my slow cooker. I always find it turns out much better better than just making it in a pot...the veggies don't get all mushy, and I find it has more flavour because the veggies are in there so long.

Today I've continued my Zelda marathon, but as you can see I've taken a brief respite in order to satisfy my other addiction....LJ! Good thing both my gamecube and computer are in the same room!!!

I also did do a bit of my cleaning. Got the rest of my laundry folded and put away, and put the laundry basket back in the closet where it belongs (instead of in the middle of the room). I was thinking of making myself a tracking sheet so I can see how long I can actually keep my room clean. It tends to get messy very fast, and I'm hoping if I'm actually tracking it, it might make me stay on track more. Of course there's still lots to be done before I'm ready to make such a traking sheet! LoL

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