Goth face


Operation "Kitty Litter" complete. Operation "Kitchen Floor" complete. Sub-operation kitchen cupboards also complete.

Of course I think that one of the cats is now high on the bleach fumes! LoL

I feel so accomplished! There are still about a thousand other things I could do around here, but I just won't think of those right now!

So now I'm starting to feel moderately better. The incessant sneezing/runny nose has stopped. I wonder if my attempt to overdose on OJ is partly responsible. I'm thinking that I should probably eat some real food at some point too. I realized that I don't have any soup, so I either have to scrape together enough money to buy some, or figure out something else to eat... like chicken!

I keep telling myself that I should really lie down and rest for a bit...but I'm feeling a bit stir crazy. It's odd. I feel like crap... I need to have a box of kleenex with me pretty much at all times, but I can't seem to bring myself to lie down! Maybe because I slept so long last night. Maybe orange juice causes insomnia!! *glares at her empty glass of orange juice*
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