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I'm home from work today. I'm quite sick and my nose is very sore from having blown it too many times. Despite this, I've been quite productive so far this morning. So far I've done a whole wack of dishes (they weren't mine, but I couldn't take the pile of them anymore and I had a few of my own to do anyway), then I vacuumed the kitchen, hall and bathroom. There are still more dishes to do, and the kitchen floor needs to be washed badly... I think I'm the only one who can't stand how filthy it is. There are still some spots from when Bastet was sick that haven't been cleaned up yet, so I'll javex that now that I've bought some bleach. I'm not sure why it hasn't been done yet, I washed it last time and there are 3 other people who live here. *shrug* Seeing as I'm home all day, I may as well make myself useful.

There are still a bunch of other things I'd like to do today, mostly cleaning related, but I have to take it easy otherwise I'm just going to make myself more sick. At the moment I can't tell how much of my sneezing is my cold and how much is allergies! LoL

It seems though, that despite being sick I'm still feeling pretty chipper. I've been feeling somehow more centered lately. I don't know how else to describe it. I seem to be able to enjoy the happiness in my life and let the negative more or less slide off my back. It's been having a few good effects on my life as a whole too. For one thing, my feelings aren't getting hurt as easily by others, I'm not feeling as "left out" as I was and I think that's mainly because I'm not expecting to be included as much as I used to. I just go about my own thing, enjoy my own life and hey, if someone else decides to invite me along for a ride I'll hop in, but I won't wait for them to pick me up. (how's that for an analogy!) I've even been feeling less worn out lately and haven't been napping as much.... well except for today seeing as I'm sick! LOL I wake up in the morning and don't care whether it's sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowing etc because it's a good day inside as long as I make it good.

I know that somewhere on the other side of the world there is beauty being created right now. I know that someone notices that beauty and shared it so that I could see it too. Thanks kisobel.

I think that despite being sick, this isn't an excuse for me to wish these hours away. I will never get them back. Thank you for reminding me of that valkyri. I think that I'm truly starting to understand your words, but more than just understand, I'm starting to believe and live this moment, because it really is only this moment that counts.

*sits back and just enjoys BEING*

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