Goth face

My poor nose

Thanks to everyone who sent me "get well" notes. Seems like this bug is much more widespread that I would have guessed. One good thing is that it's happening now, instead of at Christmas time. I'm feeling about the same as yesterday... well at least my throat is, but now I'm finding myself feeling some temperature changes in my body and I've been sneezing this morning. Of course, me sneezing in the morning isn't really abnormal, but I'm way more congested than usual. I just know that my nose is going to be red by the time I get to work!

I'm a little bit worried about my doctor's appointment tonight. Although it's good timing so I can tell him that I've got the same damn virus again, but I'm afraid that he's going to tell me that I've gained back some of the weight I've lost. I've been losing it really slowly, about 3 lbs a month, which as I understand it, is a healthy amount. However, I really veered from my diet this past week and I'm afraid I may have gained a pound or two of it back. This isn't such a huge problem for me, because I know that I can get back on track, but I hate how disappointed my doctor seems when that scale goes a bit higher. Oh well, it's too late to do anything about it today.

Hope everyone has a great day! I'm sure I will (even if that scale is higher! I'm more than just my weight!!)
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Ugh. I know just how you feel. I'm not sure where my injuries leave off and where my flu takes over, but it's nasty. Maybe if you cough on people at work they'll send you home?

I bounce around in weight all the time. A pound or two fluctuation isn't abnormal - well when you're not trying to lose it anyway. It could mean anything from you haven't 'exited' your dinner yet, to a little bit of water retention. As long as it's not much, tell the doc to shove it.

You could always sign up for ball hockey, get beaten to a pulp all in the name of losing a few pounds and staying healthy! (*laughs* *winces in pain*)

Anyway, try to get some good rest - it seems ever December a nasty flu comes around and that seems to be the only tried and true remedy.
turns out they wouldn't let me leave work early. Apparently they 'needed' me too much. BULLSHIT! It wasn't busy at all. I was not impressed. I'm just going to call in sick tomorrow. Screw the number of sick days I've had. I don't care anymore.

Your health is more important (and the people you work with who are just getting your germs!) because without it - you have nothing.

I learned that in college, believe it or not.

I agree. My last boss said the same thing and I've come to live by those words. No job is worth my health.
There was an article in the paper this morning about how this is the most widespread flu the vaccine places have ever seen- the lines go on for hours to get a vaccine.
See I already got my flu shot thankfully. This virus is something else, but still not fun at all.