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I'm afraid that I'm getting a sore throat (again). This will be the 4th time this year if I do get it. It's a strange thing too because it's just a virus and not an infection (?) so they can't put me on antibiotics. It wouldn't surprise me if I am getting sick seeing as three people at work (all of them sit around me) have already been sick. Sometimes I wonder why people insist on coming in when they're sick. I honestly find it annoying because they just end up getting everyone else sick! *sigh* I was even trying really hard to avoid getting sick this time around, but I'm afraid it might have caught me anyway. I'm hoping it will pass without getting any worse than it is now, but I have a feeling it won't. Grrrr.
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Hope your throat gets better.

I heard at the school office that tons of kids are absent, cause there's like a near-epidemic flu going around (which would be called a "pandemic" though they didn't call it that). Though I'm guessing Juliana and Elaina aren't sick, since they're always missing together....though I suppose it's possible they could both be sick, in which case they damn well deserve it, or maybe just Juliana does depending on the circumstances.
Skipping together? Who knows with a flu bug, they're pretty tough and fast spreading little buggers.

Yes, apparently many of the staff and children are missing from my kids' school too, and Friday and today I had two different kids home, and I think it might have been Thursday that Jake didn't go to school. My daughter's teacher was off for five days straight. I've been "yucky" although not full blown sick for close to a week. Caspy-love spent most of the weekend in bed, although he claims that he didn't get much rest - I had to point out that he slept for six hours. I guess it didn't help much.

It's a hard one to avoid it seems. Hope you and I are both feeling better soon.
I wish I could stay home and sleep... problem is, I've already got 13 sick days this year because of getting this virus 3 times already! Aargh!
Hope you feel better soon.

Hi, I'm Lucy. I found you via Aerothorn and I think your journal is really interesting.
Thanks Lucy.
Nice to meet you! Pop in any time. I usually just ramble, but every now and then I'll post something brilliant! ;)

i got something nasty too. cough and sore throat and now it appears sneezes :s

hope you feel better real soon honey xxx
Hope you feel better soon too. Sounds like we might be fighting the same thing. ick! *hugs*