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Here are some thoughts that I've already posted elsewhere, but wanted to share with my friends here too.

I think that having a lot of great ideas is worthless unless you act on them. I'm afraid that I don't do enough acting.

I think that I often underestimate the power of my own mind.

I think that positive thinking does work and we can manifest change by changing ourselves and our own perceptions. I also think that it works in reverse and we can get ourselves bogged down with negative or counter-productive though and therefore draw this kind of energy to ourselves.

I think that it's good to explore and understand the dark and negative parts of life, but not dwell on them or let ourselves get caught up in them.

I think that we should all look for love within ourselves instead of love from without. I think this is easier said than done, but is immensely rewarding once you can acheive this feeling.

I've been feeling really introspective lately and I think that I've been getting a lot out of it. It feels good and I hope that I can keep it up.
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Thanks. :)
I figure I share the bad stuff enough, may as well share the good stuff too!! LOL