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Now somehow, probably because of my drunken stupor last night, I had convinced myself that I'd posted here about how much fun I had last night. Apparently that is not the case!

Sooo.... I went out to Tango/Crews last night and had an awesome night. I think it was probably the best drag show so far AND it was just an all around good night. Farenheit (my fav drag queen) had her parents there last night because it was her dad's b-day. It was so awesome. They just seemed like such a great couple. Both of them watching her dance and looking so proud. Then Farenheit made us all cry by dedicating a song to her dad... "I'm everything I am because you love me". You know the one. Anyway, I was singing my little heart out and crying my little eyes out because it was so touching. The queens also commented on my shirt which reads: That's Queen Bitch to you and one of them kind of compared breasts with me (don't worry, it was rated E for everyone). In any case I won, which is not surprising seeing as I'm quite chesty.

There was also a new queen there, Heavenly I believe was her name, and DAMN she's GORGEOUS! I was so jealous that a man could look that damn good!

I also spent some time upstairs in the lesbian section for a change. There were a lot of really hot chicks at the bar and I think one of them might have been making suggestive movements at me, but I'm so dense that I kept looking behind me to see who she was looking at! DOH!

I think that I'll need to work on my social skills!

On my way home I was thinking that it was probably the best night out I've had in a very very very long time. Not to mention I'm a cheap drunk, so after 1 and about a half drinks over a 3 hour period I was feeling pretty good. Not drunk, but good. Definitely tipsy!

Ok, so seeing as I woke up so terribly late this morning (something I haven't done in a while) I should get ready seeing as I have to be leaving for C & Beith's place fairly soon! Weeeee!! It's going to be another good day!

I love my life!
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*big hugs* I'm so glad you are feeling better! And that you had such a good night out!

I've always been dense too - it's not just you! LOL Flirting is a hard skill to master.

Anyways, I'm happy to hear that you are happy. Really. *hugs*