Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Beltaine and Cherry Trees

I didn't do a lot for Beltaine this year. I almost let it slip by me without being noticed. I ended up having the house to myself Friday night and had been wanting to try my circle casting again. Instead of using the written circle that I had, I focused simply on the elements as I walked three time around. It worked really well and I felt that the circle I ended up with was not only the strongest I've done but also the most cohesive and balanced. The word that came to mind to describe it was "woven". The circle was woven with the four elements. It felt good and I enjoyed standing within it.

I spent a few short moments focusing on fire. I pictured two giant bonfires on a hill that someone could easily walk between. The image lasted on a few seconds before I felt compelled to do a couple of sun salutations. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time and the appropriateness of it didn't really hit me until just now.

Today J-boy, his daughter and I enjoyed the nice weather by going to High Park. We took a ride on the little train, took some pictures and enjoyed some ice cream. The apple cherry trees are in full blossom and look breathtaking.


In unrelated news, I picked up a copy of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. I watched the movie last week and was underwhelmed but intrigued enough that I wanted to see if the book was better. I guess there's still a little bit of a teenage girl in my brain somewhere. I do not have high hopes for the book but my curiosity has been piqued. Of course, I've just finished Feast of Souls and moved on to the next book in the series, Wings of Wrath. So good. So, Twilight may have to wait a bit.

I also have The White Mare on my list of books to read. It was graciously donated by eumelosdrizzle and just from the bit that I've read so far, I'm not sure that I'm going to have much more luck with it than he did. The writing is just not... hmm... compelling? Of course, I'm not even a whole chapter in, so there's still hope... ... ...
Tags: apple tree, beltaine, books, cherry blossoms, cherry trees, reading, sun salutation, twilight, white mare, wings of wrath

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