Damned if you do.... a rant

Well, I was feeling better this afternoon and decided to head in for half a day of work. I was still a little stuffed up but nothing so awful I couldn't manage an afternoon's worth of work. People kept complaining that I was going to get them sick and by the end of my required 3.5 hours of work, I was ready to be gone from there. If you don't come in, people complain that there aren't enough people at work; if you do come in, you're in shit for the possibility of others getting sick. Of course, said complaining often comes from the same people who have come in to work in WAY worse health than I did today. Realistically, I could be contagious. Hell, I could feel 100% and still be a carrier of something. But it's been 4 days now and I was feeling well enough to go into the office. It's so frustrating trying to balance the fact that I'm almost out of sick days (after losing my voice for a full week), being expected to come to work if you're feeling well enough (being a good employee) and staying home in order to ensure you aren't getting other people sick.

C'mon!! Give me a freaking break! I'm trying really hard to be a good employee AND good co-worker (sometimes those things feel mutually exclusive) but you just can't please everyone. Cut me some slack would ya?

Anyway, I'm just mildly annoyed and frustrated. I think I give WAY too big of a crap about what others think and need to think more about my own feelings.


Disclaimer: I know a few people were just teasing me but also worried about germs. I'm sorry. I'm not referring to you and really, really hope that no one gets sick.
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I'm in the disclaimer category I'm sure, but honestly if you feel better I for one want you back here at work. Its not the same without you. :(
Thanks Eumelos. Just needed to vent all of that methinks. LoL

And yes, you are in the disclaimer category.