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[School] Final Paper Complete!

My final project for my class is done. Again. This time I do believe it is better. I added some things, fixed up a few other things and feel much better about it than I did when I thought I had to hand it in last week.

I even managed to get my printer to print it off and save myself having to get it printed somewhere (last week my printer was confused and only liked the colour blue). The trick was to take out the empty (or clogged?) black cartridge and just use the colour cartridge (which is really the one that I needed to have working). The letters aren't as black as they would be with black ink but they're still legible and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than getting it done somewhere!

To top it all off, I have time to spare! I can just relax for an hour or so before I even have to think about heading to campus.

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