Cleaning: So far so good... OR... How many bags does one girl need?

For a while it looked like something exploded all over our living room. I can't believe all of that stuff fit into the closet! Most of the stuff is mine. It's looking good now and the closet is nice and roomy. There's a FLOOR in there!!

My best find was a USB key that had the story that I'd tried to write for NaNoWriMo a couple years back. I'd honestly thought I'd lost it (the story, not the USB thing). I was surprised to see that I'd actually written 10,000 words. Not bad for a first attempt with no plot outline or any idea of what I wanted it to be. It was in one of the many backpacks.

And just because it amuses me...

Items extracted:

1 clarinet - shelved
1 drill set - shelved
1 CRT monitor (J-boy's)
1 great big easel, made for me by my step-dad - still trying to figure out what to do with this
1 wireless keyboard, 1 small, 12" metal ruler, 1 empty art tube, 1 stray power cord
1 bin of artwork - artwork stored more compactly in closet, bin used to store other things

2 pieces of masonite board - sitting on easel

3 sets of roller-blades (2 mine, 1 J-boy's) - organized and returned to the closet
3 bags of miscellaneous computer wires/parts - mostly trashed
3 jackets, 2 vest things, 4 sweaters - jackets and vest have been put on hangers, sweaters need to be washed

10 rolls of xmas wrapping: 3 un-opened, 5 partially used, 2 horribly mangled

11 re-usable shopping bags (Yay! I found my Harmony milk bag... but why the hell do I have so many of these?!)
-organized and returned to the closet

23 Backpacks/Bags/Purses, only one that was J-boy's... and most of them had things in them! Eeek!
-13 given away
-10 organized and stored in a rubbermaid bin, easily accessed, back in the closet

Still lots of cleaning to do but I'm happy with the progress so far.