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Spring Cleaning!

Today I begin the first day of "Operation Get Rid Of or Give Away 1001 Things". I'd listed this as one of my goals for this year and I truly believe that it is something that I can do. I'm a bit of a pack rat and tend to hold on to things "just in case" I might ever need them. This means I have A LOT of stuff lying around the house and in storage that I never use or touch. As part of the process, I hope to be able to organize the things that I do want to keep, but don't use regularly.

I spent the first part of this morning getting a load of dishes done and putting away the clean laundry that I've had sitting in the basket for at least a week. I've been doing well with getting a few dishes done every couple of days and I've been cooking suppers for myself and J-boy almost as often. We've got a great little market just a few doors down from our apartment that sells a great selection of produce (and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the grocery stores!). I tend to go there every few days and pick up a new selection of fruits and veggies to enjoy over the week. The veggies usually turn into stir-fries but it always a little bit different because I mix up the veggies each time I go. Right now they have asparagus at a decent price (I think), so I've been enjoying them in my stir-fries! Yum!

Next task - tackling the hallway closet! Eeek!
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