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[Writing] Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

Thanks to eumelosdrizzle for the suggestion. I wrote this piece before bed last night. It is a quick and simple piece, written somewhat as a "personal diary", as per Eumelos's request. I hope you enjoy it.

Once again, feedback, comments, edits, critique and praise are all welcome. A big THANK YOU to ethaisa for her extra work with critiquing the last piece!

I felt the sun on my skin today. It was warm and nourishing. If only I could enjoy it every day. Alas, there is only a small window of opportunity when I can feel it directly. Today I soaked up each precious ray that was offered. Maybe tomorrow I will get lucky again.

It seems like I have been here for ages. I grow larger each day. My skin has a healthy shine and my colour is deep, dark and rich. I wonder if the others are jealous of my beauty. They don't talk that much. I try to communicate with them but they don't understand me. They sit there, day after day, unmoving and unthinking. I sit here thinking and wondering about the rest of the world. Certainly there is more to it than what I am familiar with. Maybe one day I will get to experience some of it.

I am heavier now. I feel heavy and weighted to the ground instead of buoyant and light. The support that kept me up is failing and I am happy with this change. Soon, I will stand on my own. I am maturing and ready for someone to whisk me away from the patch. It is lovely here but I want more; I want to discover what is out there. I must remain patient. I will get my chance.

Some of the others are gone now. I don't know where they went but I wonder why I am still here. Am I not the most beautiful of the bunch? There must be some reason for their disappearance and my remaining behind. Perhaps they will return. In the meantime, I continue to grow and enjoy my life. I was able to get more sun today than ever before and it was glorious.

I had a very strange experience last night. I felt my support give way and suddenly I was up against a hard surface. I have learned that this substance is called earth. It seems that I have fallen down onto it, though it certainly wasn't my choice. When morning came, I tried to find a way to move from where I landed and explore my surroundings. It took me some time to figure out how to do this but I discovered that rolling worked best. I have met all sorts of others like me during my travels today but, like the others that I used to live with, I can not communicate with them. I suppose that it doesn't really matter. I am content to be rolling around and enjoying new things. I have realized, however, that I must be careful. It seems that I bruise easily.

I was removed from the earth and don't know where I am. It is dark and there are others here with me. We are all clumped together and I have no space to move. I wish I knew what was going on. Curse this blackness!

It seems that I am not easily satisfied. I complained that it was too dark and now I have to say that it is too bright. I am still surrounded by others but now I can feel this harsh, light on me. It is nothing like the warm light of the sun. There is something unnatural about this. I don't think I like this place. I wanted to explore but I never imagined that I would encounter something as unpleasant as this. I am currently plotting my escape but it is impossible to roll when there are others piled on top of me. I will have to be patient and await my opportunity.

The others are disappearing at an alarming rate. Once again, I have no sense of where or why they are are gone but I am filled with a sense of unease. I continue to hope that I will be able to break free from this place.

I am free! Not in the way that I had anticipated but I am free nonetheless. When I was first hoisted into the air, I had no idea what was happening. I was immobilized in the grip of something and rolling was not an option. I got a strong sense of admiration from my captor, however, and that relaxed me. I was put into some sort of flexible container and off we went to a new place. I am relieved to leave the incessant brightness behind. When we arrived at our destination, I was removed from the container and placed on a surface unlike anything I had ever encountered before. It was hard and somewhat cool but not unpleasant. I am content to be experiencing something new again.

I know what they're going to do with me if I stay here now. They're going to eat me!! It seems that I am delicious. I am horrified by this thought and the creatures that believe it. I will escape before it happens. I have already managed to roll off of the hard surface and fall down to the ground. This ground is different from earth but it makes no difference. I am waiting by this place where I know I can get out. There are only certain times when it is possible to get out, so I must be patient.

I see my chance and go for it, rolling with every fibre of my being. I have made it safely to the other side of the swinging portal.

I am now on earth again. I have hidden myself as best I can and hope to live out the rest of my days in peace. I have experienced more things than I could have imagined and although I am certain there is more to be explored, I am content to live out the rest of my days in safe, quiet, solitude. Soon enough, I will return to the earth and out of my body will come the seeds of new eggplants. I hope that they get to enjoy adventures of their own.

I think the next piece will be another elemental one. I do welcome other suggestions. Heck, feel free to throw a noun at me or something if you're bored.

Best line in this has to be: "It seems that I am delicious."

Thanks for sharing your stories! :)
hehe, glad you liked it. I need to write another one soon. Maybe I should look for a way to incorporate that sentence into it too!