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Urge to write

I've been wanting to write lately. I'm not sure what to write but I know that I'd like it to be prose. I have written a lot of poetry in the past, and I enjoy writing poetry, however, it's not what I'm feeling compelled to write these days. The problem with writing prose is that I need to have some sort of idea about what I'd like to write. There is endless possibility with any creative writing endeavour and perhaps that is the most difficult thing for me - having to choose. I'd like to start with some short pieces; somewhere around one to two pages in length and work my way up from there. Eventually, I'd like to write a fiction novel (maybe November).

I was going through my friends' page today and saw that the writing community that I'm on has posed this question to inspire writing for the day:

Is water being rationed where you live? What do you do to help save water?

I could write about that OR I could simply write about water. I have chosen to try the latter.

I'll post it when I do it but if other people feel so inclined, please suggest topics. A single noun, adjective or idea would work well too.
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